“Eyes are wandering from one part of the painting to another part constantly discovering new things. My work is like another world. You can dive into it and forget reality for a moment. Forget your problems and focus on the positivity and the joy of life which live in my paintings. All the details and the different parts are like places in a better world. Watching my work is like meditation.”





Sebastian Merk, born 1996 in Bad Homburg v. d. H., captivates with his colorful, expressive, abstract artworks. He lives and works in Göttingen, Germany.

Merk decided to go his own way early on. As an artist of the younger generation he accomplished to stand out with his unique style and to reach an international audience through exhibitions and social media.

He developed his own artistic style. He enjoys the spirit of freedom, innovation and independence in his art. The artist lives of intensity and emotions, which inspire him every day. He expresses these values in his colours and movement. Each project, each process and each artwork is based on freedom.

Colors and contrasts are the elements of his work. Merk works mainly with acrylics, acrylic ink and tag-markers. The colors are applied to the canvas with brush, palette knife, fingers and different materials. His eye-catching color worlds full of joy and expression invite the viewer to linger and forget reality for a moment. You can get lost in the details and enjoy the absence of thoughts and problems for a moment.

Merk’s work has been acquired worldwide by numerous collectors from different places like Dubai, England, France, Finland, Ireland, USA, Hong Kong and the Czech Republic.

“Everything you are not able to express with words, you can express with art”

Sebastian Merk