About The Artist

Welcome, my name is Sebastian Merk (23) and I am an emerging abstract artist from Göttingen, Germany.

My art career began with painting landscapes until I discovered my love for abstract art. I realized that I could use abstract art to express myself and release my inner feelings. It is just the freedom, which I need in order to put my momentary feelings onto the canvas.

I love to experiment with different techniques and materials, such as spray paint, markers and materials for texture. In general, my paintings are very expressive, colourful and rich in contrast. You can see the whole painting action in the finished artwork. With a little bit of fantasy, you are able to see interesting things like persons, landscapes, animals and more in my abstract artworks.

I started showing my art to friends and family and nowadays my paintings are hanging in private collections in France, England, Germany and in the Czech Republic.


“Everything you are not able to express with words, you can express with art”

Sebastian Merk